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Family Values Tour 2006 DVD 
12:28am 04/05/2007
mood: sad
Okay, sorry! I have another concern that I forgot to bring up. I recently bought the "Family Values Tour 2006" DVD, cuz I wanted to see the Dir en grey footage that everyone was talking about. I know I could've downloaded the DVD since a lot of people had it available for download, but I still have a dial-up connection (I know, don't laugh), so it was just easier for me to buy the DVD.

Well, on the back of the DVD it claims to have dressing room & behind the scenes, etc. footage. I watched my DVD numerous times & tried to click on different parts of the menus, but I haven't seen some of the footage that I've read people talk about. ;__; Are there 2 versions of this DVD?? I'm confused as to why my DVD doesn't have the Dir en grey footage that people are talking about.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or, am I just not selecting the right menu?? I've tried e-mailing Firm Music company, the company who distributed the DVD, and I've also sent them a letter since they don't answer e-mails apparently, but I haven't gotten a reply.

If anyone else has had this problem, or would like to complain with me, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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11:44pm 03/05/2007
mood: worried
Hi, everyone! This is my first time posting in the community, but I've been a member for a while. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone could clarify some things for me, because I'm starting to worry.

According to the Deftones' official website (http://www.deftones.com), Dir en grey will be joining them in Providence, RI on June 6th during their tour. I was under the impression that Dir en grey would be an opening band for the Deftones on June 6th & onwards, until the end of the Deftones' tour, . . . but after looking at the official site for Deftones again, I started to read into things maybe too carefully? Now I'm worried that Dir en grey will only be an opening band for the June 6th concert, but not for others. Could anyone clarify this for me??

I have tickets to go see the Deftones on June 28th for their concert in Los Angeles & I was planning on getting tickets for their July 2nd San Francisco live, but now I'm worried that Dir en grey won't be at either concerts. Am I being too paranoid?? Please help me out if you can! Thanks!

Sorry, but I'm cross-posting this to other Dir en grey LJ communities, so if you see it more than once, then I'm sorry! >,<*

Okay, and so that this entry isn't so OT in a way, I'll just admit something embarrassing/stupid. Since I plan to see Dir en grey (hopefully) really soon, I had this dream that I got to hug Shinya after he gave me some tour good from a bag he was carrying around. >_<* Haha, I was beyond disappointed when I woke up and found out that it was only a dream. ;__;

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06:43pm 05/03/2007
mood: ecstatic
Hello, all! I just joined this community and I'm hoping it's not a dead one seeing how it hasn't been updated in a while. ^.^* Anyways, uh, what to say? I've been a Diru fan since Jan. 2000 and Shinya has always been my favorite member. Since I'm a drummer too, I really enjoy and am always impressed by his style and talent as well as his stamina. He's absolutely amazing. ^_^

I live in San Francisco, California, so I was blessed enough to see their last American concert at SF's The Fillmore. Diru was incredible! It's been over a week since the concert and I'm still in the afterglow of it all. ^_^ I screamed Shinya's name so much during that concert (unfortunately he didn't notice, so I'm quite envious of the person and her/his friends who got Shinya to smile at them) that I seriously made myself sick the next week (I couldn't keep any food in my tummy ;__;) and had to stay home from school for 2 days! Still, the live was awesome! ^_^ I'm still working on my live report, but hopefully I'll have it posted soon on my LJ, so once I do, I'll post the link here. ^_^

Anyways, that's my self-introduction post. I hope this community stays alive! ^_~

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08:16am 22/11/2006
mood: satisfied
I'm so glad that there is a community for Shinya-sama. He is so awsome, ne? And he deserves it, ne? I agree completely with the fanbook idea. Shinya-sama deserves to know that he is loved too. :D
I know me and my friend made sure he felt loved at their concert in Bristow, VA on the FVT. We all chanted 'Shinya!' over and over during one of the breaks. And he looked at the crowd and smiled. <3 But then a buch of people started to shout other names (Kyo, Toshiya, Die, and Kaoru) so we had to stop. Pluss then they started to play again. But it was worth it, Shinya-sama got his moment of glory, and will have another Febuary 5th, 2007. I'll make sure of it. ^.~
Anyways, that's all for now. I wish all of my fellow Shinya-sama fans a great night and sweet dreams! (If it's not night time while you read this then I mean it for the next time you sleep.)

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Shinya costume for sale... 
06:10pm 18/11/2005
  please click for picture!Collapse )  

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03:31am 27/12/2004
I found this on another website and thought I would post it, since I feel it's important. Sorry, if it's been posted beforehand. I really think everyone should participate! I really don't think the girl would mind, since she wants the word to be spread around.


Legend says that if you fold one thousand paper cranes, someone's wish will come true.

Regardless of that legend, if people from every corner of the world were to make their own wish, and those wishes and their names, and countries were written on each crane and sent.. how much would that mean?

Note: The band could use a little encouragement.
Why?: Following the release of the album Vulgar, and the drop out of their usual and noted Visual Kei image, Dir en grey have gotten the short end of the stick. Now, there is a difference between Foreign fandom and Japanese fandom. Most of you will remember the critism that ensued over the loss of the kei image, as well as the crowd surfing ban. Go, [JrockNYC] and his reveiws at the current time, as well as his extreme outlook, are a perfect example of how bad it was in Japan as opposed to the US and other countries.
The state of decline in Dir en grey's fanbase was rapid and vicious, fans were reported to have sent the band letters demanding that they break, reviewists wrote Kyo off as 'tone deaf'. A huge percentile of fans were lost. And lyrics like this [R to the Core-Vulgar album] were lost on the few loyal, and the ones who'd turned.

Lyrics: Kyo Music: Dir en grey

You're the one that's stupid.
You're a pig; acting all honest
but you hide your true self.
Can't hear anything. Can't feel anything.
This is a place of contradiction.

My heart screamed out,
you make fun of me
like you make fun of my dead left ear.

I know everyone isn't like that,
but I can't accept everything.
So I still, even now scream out in a hoarse voice
to all you rotten people...

There is an answer,
so writhe in agony
and let your will to live come out.
Everyone's the same once they sin.

Almost every song on the album speaks of betrayal and is an obvious ploy at
it. Fans accused them of selling out. The fatalistic approach continues
right down to Saku. Dir en grey appealed to the foreign fans after Vulgar,
for most obvious reasons.
A recent supposed message from Kyo to the Japanese fans:

my voice is dead
my heart is dead
my emotions are dead
my heart is dead
there's no one inside me
rather than living with a smile

.... =\

Myself and my friend are working on a project, she'll be folding one
thousand paper cranes. We'll send them to Diru, to show our encouragement,
and approval.
Please, anyone who wants to help, all you have to do, is give the following
to be written on the cranes ( e-mail Alicia at kazeninagasare@aol.com ):

Wish for Diru:

Thank you for your time.


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06:27pm 10/12/2004

I joined awhile ago, and forgot to introduce myself...
My name is Rose, I love Shinya!
He has been my favorite everything for years.
I think his drumming is amazing, and of course, he's so beautiful!
Well, I dont really know what to say about myself!^^

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Hello. ^^ 
02:36pm 19/11/2004
I just joined this community.. I love Shinya and well all the Degs.. I really hope this community isn't dead.. ^^;;

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11:32am 18/08/2004
If anyone is interested, the link leads to a fanbook project for dearest Shinya. Plesae, check it out. I think that that is an amazing idea for Shinya, since he gets the least amount of fan mail ~_~

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12:06pm 31/05/2004
  I joined this community a while ago, but I never really had a chance to introduce myself.

meh name is Hotaru.... ^_^ I am 13, and I wuv Shinya (no, duh)

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Smiling Shinya 
08:23am 11/03/2004
  i love finding pictures of Shinya's lovely smile, which is rare. LOL. i only have a few. i decided to share a couple =) so as with my last post click below. =)




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Newest Shinya Picture 
08:19am 11/03/2004
  have you all had the chance to see Shinya's newest look? (he's so lovely!) if not i put it up...


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Tanjoubi Omedetou Shinya !! 
10:03pm 24/02/2003
mood: calm
*tears in her eyes*
Oh my god, Shinya, you're almost a big woman now! UH! I mean MAN..!
And you keep this gorgeous face and body of yours.. You're still cute and perfect, the best drummer of the world, Dir en grey drummer..

This is a little thing to wish your birhtday. And please, DO rest a little or you'll grow tired soon!

~~ all our wishes and love ~~


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01:23pm 21/02/2003
mood: impressed
I had no idea there were others who like Shinya and Toshiya pairings ^^
Yay, I'm not alone, oh, and, I joined this community ^^

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02:29am 01/01/2003
  ::waves:: hi! i just joined... im so happy that there's a community for my dear dear Shinya.. <3

so, wut do u guys think of the Drain Away image for Shinya? >.< where did his hair go?!! ::lovingly looks at pictures from old Gauze images....:: why do they always hafta cut it? o well, Die looks super-sexy!

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08:18pm 17/11/2002
mood: bouncy
shinya so beautiful T_T
my obsession~
oh and ive been listening to Dir En Grey since well La: Sadies hehe what a long time ago T_T ive been attatched to shinya ever since then~
heres an ugly picture i drew of him :D:

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07:40pm 01/05/2002
mood: hyper
I just got kisou today, and figured its a best day to introduce myself. I'm Miri, Or toshiya-kyo-die. I've been into DEG for about 3 months I think, I'm in love with Shin, Totchi and Kyo. Kaoru looks like My mir pet.
Just wanted to say hi and I'm incredibly hyper....

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11:05am 23/04/2002
I think some of you will like this one ^^

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*briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffffffffffffffttttttttt* sound of an elephant o.o 
07:17pm 19/04/2002
mood: tired
*points at her icon*
it's a draw from Shin-shin Sama ^___________________^ isn't that the most cute thing you've ever seen?!(except Shinya himself) ^.^

please, post pics on this community é-è~~

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02:15pm 18/04/2002
mood: happy
I've finally made a community about my dear, DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR Shin-sama^__^
join it please! And say maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany nice things about my Shinya^^
*bounces everywhere*

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